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News for this weekend:

1. This is the big one: some of you have probably already heard this, but the news was released on Friday that Dorchester, my publisher, is making major changes. Don’t completely trust the article, though: my understanding is that they are shifting to a focus on e-books and trade paperbacks (the larger format you see literary fiction in), but that while the transition is happening, they will be doing e-books first with the paperback following 6-8 months later.

What I believe this means for A Lily Among Thorns is that the e-book will be available in January as scheduled but the trade paperback won’t be released until June. I will let you know as soon as I have more definite information–my poor editor has a lot on her plate right now so it may be a few days!

2. Since I am apparently going to be an e-author, I finally gave in and signed up for Twitter and Facebook! My twitter is here:

And my facebook is here:

Friend me and I will friend you back? Or, er, “follow” you, as the kids say on Twitter. Also, okay, this is embarrassing as I am technically a Young Person (well, I’m 28), but I find myself utterly mystified by Facebook. Any insights you have into what I am supposed to do with it would be much appreciated!

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  1. I just sent you a friend request on facebook. As far as I can tell most of the things people are supposed to do with facebook are annoying and/or potential sources of later embarrassment, but maybe if you just post announcements about your publishing and links to your blog posts, and photos of literary events, that will be good?
    I’m really sorry to hear about Dorchester! As I’m really still just getting into reading romance novels, everything on the shelves in bookstores still seems like far more than I can begin to appreciate already … ebook land is a totally unknown territory and frankly one that I have very little interest in right now! But, I’m really looking forward to A Lily Among Thorns, so I’ll keep up with your news about how it will be coming out.

    1. My editor has confirmed that it will be coming out in paperback in June, although I’m guessing a lot of things are still in flux at this stage and that could still change. I will keep everyone updated, I promise! Thanks for the friend request! I don’t know how much I will really be using it yet (hahaha famous last words) but I look forward to getting to know you better, hopefully. 🙂

  2. I’m eagerly anticipating Lily as well: I loved In For a Penny, and was particularly impressed with how you handled the female rival. That sort of thing is one of my hot buttons, and I treasure books that do it well, which Penny really did.

    1. Thank you! I am not a fan of the evil ex-girlfriend trope myself (yes, people definitely do have them, but they seem disproportionately well represented in romance) so I am always glad when people like Amy!

      1. They really are! And I get the reason behind some of it–evil exes are a source of drama–but as someone who’s friends with most of her exes (and the women who ended up with ’em, actually), I love it when fiction avoids that one.

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