I'll have Gisborne excommunicated!

Hey everyone, just wanted to let you know that I’ve joined the blogging team at Favorite Thing Ever! (It’s…well, it’s NOT a review site, because we ONLY talk about things we love. Have you noticed I like talking about things I love? This is SO the site for me. Tagline: “Hope you like gushing, because we’re about to embarrass ourselves.” ♥ Anyway, it was started by a couple of my friends, one of whom wrote a sweet Choose-Your-Own-Adventure book about a pink stuffed bunny fighting the Zombie Apocalypse, and I was lucky enough to get asked to contribute!)

My first post is on the 80s BBC series “Robin of Sherwood”, which you all told me to watch way back in March! Well, I listened (generously enabled by Gwen and her Apartment of Snacks) and I have gushed! I really really love that show you guys. You should read my post, there’s a clip of the Sheriff of Nottingham saying “A ferret! That’s brilliant!” (Me and Gwen now say this to each other fairly frequently…I am still a little disappointed that the Sheriff didn’t send a literal army of ferrets to attack Robin’s camp.)

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