A PENNY earned

I’m trying to get my website all prettied up for release week, so…I will mail a copy of IN FOR A PENNY to the first five people who can find an error, typo, or broken link on my site!


1. I will update this post with errors as they’re found, errors must be as-yet-unfound to qualify for a book.

2. Links in blog posts older than 6 months don’t count.

3. Open internationally.

4. These copies are the Dorchester mass market paperbacks.

5. Reply to this post or email me at lerner (dot) rose (at) gmail (dot) com.

6. One book per person, but for each additional error you find, I’ll include a Sweet Disorder pinback button of your choosing. 🙂

Thank you for your help!

Error #1: Anne spotted some hyphens where there should be em-dashes on the Bookshelf page. Thanks Anne! 4 books to go.

Error #2: Theresa Romain pointed out that 3:10 to Yuma is in quotes when all other titles are in italics. But she’s generously forgone her book, so…still 4 to go!

Error #3: Anne, who is a rockstar, also noticed that the newsletter subscribe page has the line “all required fields marked red” which is a LIE. Anne is already getting a book though so…still 4 to go!

Error #4: diva-viva pointed out that the “Contests” link is broken on the Newsletter sign-up page and that “e-mail” is not hyphenated consistently.

Error #5: teatotally spotted that the A is capped on the Books page (In for A Penny) and on the “About the Author” page, there’s a double dash instead of an em-dash.

Error #6: Kim saw that on the bookshelf page, there’s an R and a comma missing in the Sweet Disorder research and extras link. 1 book left! You guys are amazing.

6 thoughts on “A PENNY earned”

    1. Sharp eye! Alas, that isn’t actually an error–In for a Penny isn’t yet listed on the Samhain site (they start pre-orders later than some other sites) so that’s just a placeholder.
      Good luck finding something else!

  1. Okay, this might be nit-picky but I’ll mention it because I think fixing it will improve readability …
    Still on your Bookshelf page. Basically, you have hyphens in some places where there should be m-dashes. For example: “Nev throws off his wild ways to shoulder a mountain of responsibility-and debt-vowing to marry a rich girl and act the respectable lord of the manor.” See how it looks like responsibility-and and debt-vowing” are hyphenated words? Dashes in place of the hyphens would fix this.
    On the same page:
    “Still grieving the death of his twin brother, Solomon Hathaway just wants to be left alone in his dye-making shop-until his highborn uncle …”
    “they must negotiate a treacherous world of crime, espionage and betrayal before they can learn to trust-and love-again.”

    1. You are totally right! Well spotted. I’ll be emailing you to get your address, and to ask if you’d like a couple of buttons. Thank you! 😀

  2. Here’s something, again really small:
    On the Newsletter sign-up page, there’s an unpunctuated line that’s kind of floating below the main info:
    “required fields are marked red”
    Except none of the fields are marked red. At least, not as far as I can tell!

    1. You are once again absolutely right! The sad thing is that we knew about this error but my web designer cannot figure out how to get rid of it! I think it’s some kind of php bug and she has tried and tried to no avail.
      However fair is fair, is there anything you’d like as a second prize, since buttons don’t take your fancy?

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