Funny search terms Sept – Nov 2014

These are all terms people searched for that somehow brought them to my site.


best lesbian romantic couple photos only [awww]
heyer s characters true behaved to their time [hahaha hope you weren’t looking for confirmation when you came here because I STRONGLY DISAGREE]
gaze wandering over her intimately
if you need somebody but you got nothing
voldemort slaps lucius
henry ii shame on a conquered king [I probably did mention this somewhere because they are my favorite dying words EVER]


house of commons opera hat
historical crushes
roger moore with cigar and glass [I know exactly the photo you mean, searcher]
name of some website to lerner chemistry for her main [???]


unrealistic expectations fictional men
the pie chart inventor [I was actually helpful on this one, because I DID post about the invention of the pie chart!]
mr.snively website [intriguing…]
angry responses to ronsard poem when you are old [I hear you, searcher]
how to tell someone you like them with a message on a rose

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