Funny search terms: May – September 2015

These are all terms people searched for that somehow brought them to my site!


short sweet stories about sisters
dear brother! please forgive me i am a sister-in-law with bursting tits


a short article of a character who rose from poverty [someone is doing their homework! and doesn’t want to spend more effort than necessary on it]
how does the poet of the clod and pebble make the poem moving [ditto, ffs]
[AUTHOR, NAME REDACTED] married [I know buddy, she’s a babe]
indirect quotes for lady and smart friends


kevin spacey cigar [took me a minute to figure out how they ended up here but it was this post]
regency joke what was a sponge cake
his cock rose expectantly story [this is not specific enough, searcher!]


malfoy loss
magnificent speeches
he put his hands round her waist cupping her breast over her blouse he whispered i going to undress you touch and taste you tonight he carried her to his bed


sweet stories of chad is a vampire and using is fangs on taylor neck telling her it won t hurt a new one [!!!]
fox hunting cruelty paintings [ONLY THE CRUEL ONES OKAY]

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