Toogood Shabbas!

IMG_20151212_112432 (1)

I had a yummy cocktail with my lunch for Toogood Shabbas! It’s made with cherry bounce, a cherry-infused brandy that Toogood and Sukey drink in Listen to the Moon (there’s a place in Seattle that makes it!). I wasn’t a huge fan of it for more than a couple of sips on its own, but it’s delicious with vodka, ginger ale, and lemon juice. I might try rum next time–I was worried it would be too sweet if I did but the lemon juice is enough to counter that, I think.
Toogood also takes Sukey to the theater so this afternoon, even though I “should” be working, I’m taking myself to see “Heart of the Sea: When Whales Attack!”

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