Toogood Shabbas!

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I had a yummy cocktail with my lunch for Toogood Shabbas! It’s made with cherry bounce, a cherry-infused brandy that Toogood and Sukey drink in Listen to the Moon (there’s a place in Seattle that makes it!). I wasn’t a huge fan of it for more than a couple of sips on its own, but it’s delicious with vodka, ginger ale, and lemon juice. I might try rum next time–I was worried it would be too sweet if I did but the lemon juice is enough to counter that, I think.
Toogood also takes Sukey to the theater so this afternoon, even though I “should” be working, I’m taking myself to see “Heart of the Sea: When Whales Attack!”

Toogood Shabbas!

So…I’ve been really stressed out. And things are only going to get worse in the next couple of months as I prep for the release of Listen to the Moon and [SUPER EXCITING UPCOMING EVENT REDACTED]. So I decided that in December and January, every Friday I’m going to do something nice for myself, something small and thoughtful like Toogood might do for Sukey. And because I’m a big dork, I decided to call it Toogood Shabbas. Toogood hates me right now.

(“Good Shabbas” being the traditional Sabbath greeting for Ashkenazi Jews, and Shabbas being a traditional day of rest and relaxation. Taking a couple of hours to myself on Friday night to light candles, drink grape juice and read a book saved my mental health my senior year of college.)

One of my favorite scenes from the book (I posted it for Teaser Tuesday a few weeks ago) involves Toogood heating a bath for Sukey. So I decided that this Friday I would make myself a fancy bath!

I have been secretly obsessed with fancy baths since childhood, when I was mesmerized by the bubble baths in two music videos: the Pointer Sisters’ “I’m So Excited” (also the first time I saw someone flip a table, SO AWESOME, my sister totally tried to do this at home once and spilled juice everywhere)

and the Mary Jane Girls’ “In My House” (wow I really had no idea what any of the words to either of these songs meant)

I don’t really want a bubble bath, though. I have really dry skin! But I bought some dried rose petals and I was like, OKAY SO WE’RE DOING THIS.


A glass of white wine, a Burr biography…all the ingredients for a perfect evening.


Phase 2: the petals were in the water. Honestly I was a little worried that this would turn out really gross, like I would get in and weird little things would just be clinging to me. I was all prepared to regale you guys with the story of the comic failure of my elegant plans. But you know what? It smelled really nice! I should have put more petals in even! And even though there kind of were weird little things clinging to me, it looked super elegant and romantic! (Not as elegant and romantic as this stock photo lady doing the same thing, but.)

Also I read about Burr doing eight million hilarious things including instructing his followers to “Speak of yourself in the third person when you wish it to be concealed that you are the Person in question.”



I feel great right now. Toogood Shabbas, everyone!